Sunday, September 30, 2007

Clemson's Master Naturalist Course

I've decided to set up my course work online. I already blog, so this is a comfortable form for me.

This blog will be dedicated to the main part of the course - Mapping the Landscape. I've chosen the landscape around my house, as it is approximately 1 acre of mixed terrain and vegetation. My territory contains shaded, sunny, cultivated and wild habitats. The former owner was an avid gardener, but the property became somewhat neglected in recent years. I've spotted multiple birds, as well as locating some of the many nests prior tenants left behind.

The bird feeders were empty and mainly inhabitated by spiders.

As can be seen in these pictures, the holly and the ivy are crowding out all other plants. My plan is to find species native to the Piedmont area, and start a replanting program that promotes a more varied and healthy landscape, and better habitats for other wildlife.