Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My New Pin

I just came home today to find this in the mail, along with information about updating my training and tracking my volunteer hours.

Also received a very nice note from Karen Hall, who administers the SC Naturalist program for Clemson.

Right now, I'm hunkered indoors - there's a storm passing through the NC/SC region. There's a tornado warning in effect, although the storm activity seems to be passing.

I'm still trying to find time to capture the bird sounds. They are quite distinctive, and I'm certain that, if I could manage to get a decent recording of them, I could identify the species' sounds.

The magnolia trees are blooming - although the tree on our property is lagging behind in blooms. Our property is more shaded, so that might be why the delay. I'll need to observe for a few more years to be sure that's why.

The trees around here seem to have a less full blossom (and creamier color) than the ones on my last property, in the Low Country region. I'm assuming that they are a different variety - can't be sure, the blossoms are high on the tree, so far. Once the lower blossoms unfold, I'll be taking pictures.

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