Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fall Changes

The leaves are largely down, cluttering the yard with their presence. That drives some people crazy, and they feverishly work to gather them up, and pile them on the street, for the refuse company to cart away.

Then, in the spring, they buy various mulches, soils, and such, to spread around the yard to help things grow.

I'm not sure I understand it.

I do clear the leaves from part of the yard. Just around the house, near the foundation, I sweep the leaves away. I do that, because, in my experience, undesirable wildlife will take up residence. I do want to keep the mice and such away, and so do work to manage the potential habitats that I consider too near the house.

OTOH, I put out seed in the feeders. I have several, and fill them regularly.

So, some animals I try to attract, others I try to keep away (at least from my immediate environment).

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