Sunday, December 9, 2007

Planning for Next Year

I was walking around the yard today. I noticed the number of trees with broken, unhealthy, or damaged limbs. I'm going to print out a hard copy of my landscape map this week, and use it as a guide to marking trees for trimming, pruning damaged limbs, and cutting down species I don't want.

Management is a major part of the job. I've noticed the invasive species creeping into environments that don't ruthlessly keep them out. On my way home from church today, I noticed the damage caused by kudzu along major highways. I'm only a short distance from 21 Bypass (South Anderson Road), where kudzu has killed or caused significant damage to many trees.

Any new plants will have to be drought-tolerant, in addition to being shade-tolerant. We'll be making plant purchases with the recent water shortage in mind.

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