Thursday, December 6, 2007

Preparing for Next Spring

This is the time of year land owners have to prepare for the next year:

  • Clearing the pathways. With so many trees, the accumulation of leaves has been heavy. It's partly a matter of clearing up enough of the landscape to comply with local ordinances, keep the neighbors happy, clear walking areas sufficiently to allow safe passage, and yet keep habitats available for all those living here.
  • Checking out the seed catalogs. I'm focusing on increasing the number of native plants.
  • Building the composting bin. We're planning to use the leaf litter as a base.
  • Cleaning and re-stocking the birdhouses. There are 3 on the grounds, and I want to offer different feed in each. I'll be monitoring them to see which is the preferred mix.
  • Marking trees and bushes for pruning. Some of the bushes are overcrowded in their location, and need thinning. Others are not in good health, and need to go. Many of the trees have dead limbs that need removing.

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